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Who are we?

CollegePrep is a nonprofit operating with a vision of democratizing college preparatory services, making them highly accessible and free of charge, worldwide. We're all about personalizing K-12 education for you and for everybody.



What is CS Prep?

At CollegePrep, we believe that computer science is a subject as critical as reading, math, and science. This is why we're launching a brand new program, CS Prep.


Start your child today.


A Guide

CS Prep will connect with an instructor who will guide your child through their coding journey.

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HOW IT WORKS (5).png


The student chooses one of our courses based on their comfort and interest in programming. (6).png


The student is connected with an online tutor from a top tier university that will guide the student's learning. (8).png


The student meets weekly with the tutor to work on their projects.

Project-Based Learning

Your child will be able to learn coding by working on projects from various popular programming sites like Scratch,, and more.



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one for one.

For every monthly plan that you purchase, we'll sponsor one for a child who can't afford it. 

By choosing us, you'll be helping the next generation of coders succeed. 


Monthly Plans



1 Hour Sessions, Once a Week

Pair Up with a Friend to Share the Session



1 Hour Sessions, Once a Week

1 on 1 



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