We are passionate about making a difference to college access, one student at a time. This is who we are.


Mason Watson

Mason is a Tennessee native who is attending Harvard University and concentrating in Computer Science. He hopes to use his connections to the rural South and growing technical skills to promote education equality.


Jessica Li

Jessica Li is a senior at Harvard, pursuing an honors degree in applied mathematics, economics, and computer science. Outside of academics, she is an early stage tech venture investor with Rough Draft Ventures/General Catalyst, Global Founders Capital, and Romulus Capital. Beyond venture, she advises and sits on the board of several startups and social enterprises, teaches advanced macroeconomics at Harvard, runs the fellows program at Female Founders Fund, leads the EdTech network at the Harvard Initiative for Learning and Teaching, conducts autonomous driving research with the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, volunteers with UNICEF, and trains for marathons. She is from New Jersey and grew up in China. 

Amrit Kandel.jpg

Amrit Kandel

Amrit graduated from the largest inner-city public school in Nebraska. He understands first-hand the need for a scalable web-based platform to address the unmet gaps in college preparatory services. He is passionate about using the power of CS and the Internet for social good. He is particularly interested in removing systemic barriers to basic universal needs such as high quality education, healthcare, opportunities and the pursuit of happiness.

Henry Yuen.jpg

Henry Yuen

Henry grew up in New Zealand and graduated from Duke University, currently working as a software engineer at Google in New York. He has worked with schools in Nepal to develop experiential learning and mentorship curriculum. His passion lies in leveraging technology to expand educational access and quality for all students, regardless of their background.

Raul Aguilera.JPG

Raul Aguilera

As he battled his way to attend college as a student in an under-resourced small town, Raul understands the need for a scalable, technology-based solution that can deliver essential college preparatory resources to students even in the most underserved areas. Raul studied accounting and business management at the University of Nebraska and brings his experience in strategy execution to assist in operational, administrative, financial, and marketing aspects of CollegePrep.